January 1, 2013
Endless Sound’s One Year Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Endless Sound music blog. At this time last year I didn’t know what this blog would be or become, I just wanted to start a page dedicated to my obsession with music. By and large I would say it has been a rousing success. Out of 365 days last year, I posted here for 364 of those, I missed one day by sheer accident.

I have also managed to amass in excess of 100 or so dedicated followers here on Tumblr with no advertising aside from my numerous posts and tags.

To all of you that follow this blog, you have my sincere thanks for checking out what is my taste in music.

If any of you feel like recommending something for me to listen to please feel free to do so. I am always on the hunt for new future favorites. 

In the coming days I’ll do some posts to recap some of my favorite records and things of that nature from this past year.



Endless Sound

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